Since 1997, we have closed over 200 transactions.  We provide bridge funding for deals across all major property types and most specialty real estate assets including hotel, convenience store, restaurant and self-storage.

$22,000,000 Bridge Loan Financing – Brooklyn, NY

Bridge Funding closed a $22,000,000 cash-out refinance for a 100+ unit transitional housing property in Brooklyn, NY. Bridge's loan allows the sponsor to use proceeds to advance their business while providing adequate time to maximize its returns on the subject property.


Bridge Funding provided $2,000,000 of interim financing to pay off a maturing loan. The bridge loan provides the sponsor time to obtain conventional financing on a recently renovated and re-tenanted property. The property contains 15,000 square feet of retail space.

$1,500,000 First mortgage- East Hampton, ny

Bridge Funding closed a $1.5MM first mortgage construction loan for a spec home in East Hampton, NY. The architectural plans call for the construction of a 7,000 Sq. Ft. home with 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a two-car garage, and a walk-out finished basement. The opportunity was appealing to Bridge Funding because of the low loan to finished value (<50%) and the good location close to the Town of East Hampton. 


$3,500,000 First mortgage- red hook, ny

Bridge Funding closed a $3.5MM senior mortgage in Red hook, New York. The Bridge Funding loan retires a maturing senior mortgage and provides the owner time to resolve issues that were complicating his efforts to obtain a conventional loan. The loan LTV (<50%) and previous relationship with the sponsor gave Bridge Funding the confidence to close quickly.


$1,200,000 First Mortgage - Flushing, NY

Bridge Funding provided $1,200,000 in financing secured by a first mortgage on a 20-unit apartment building in Queens.  The existing financing was extremely low leverage and the sponsor used the additional cash-out for working capital in its business.  This loan closed in less than 3 weeks.


$2,000,000 Second Mortgage - Sagaponack, NY

Bridge provided financing secured by a second mortgage on an investment home in Sagaponack.  The loan collateral consists of a 4,600 square foot home with 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, an in-ground pool, a tennis court and a basketball court.  The house is rented out for the summer season. The sponsor, a real estate investor, used the loan proceeds to pursue additional investment opportunities. The sponsor had intended to use proceeds from an upcoming sale to acquire the assets, however, a delay in the sale resulted in possibly losing the opportunity and the sponsor turned to Bridge Funding for assistance.  This was the second loan to this sponsor.


$1,200,000 Loan Acquisition Financing - Clifton Heights, PA

Bridge provided financing to a local investor for acquisition of a defaulted mortgage loan.  The loan collateral consists of 4+ acres of land improved with income producing residential and commercial buildings.  The sponsor’s business plan is to restructure the non-performing loan, or to complete the foreclosure then reposition or sell the asset.


$5,950,000 First Mortgage- New Brunswick, NJ

Bridge provided $5,950,000 to refinance a maturing first mortgage on an assemblage of income-producing residential and office buildings on almost 2.5 acres of contiguous property in downtown New Brunswick, NJ. The location, near Rutgers University and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, is zoned for high-rise residential and mixed-use development.  


$25,000,000 First Mortgage Construction Loan- Cherry Hill, NJ

Bridge committed up to $25,000,000 to refinance the acquisition loan and provide funds for construction of residential rental units and condominium units on a 30+ acre site in Cherry Hill, NJ. The property contains a recently completed luxury clubhouse with indoor pool, two tennis court, bocce ball courts and all roads, curbs and infrastructure are in place. 


$1,000,000 First Mortgage – Salem County, NJ

Bridge Funding provided $1,000,000 in financing to the owner of a truck stop located on the heavily traveled I-295 corridor in Southern New Jersey.  The owner is using loan proceeds to complete renovations on tenant spaces and for working capital.


Convenience Store / Service Station – Suffolk County, NY

Bridge Fuding provided working capital financing secured by a senior lien on all assets including a collateral assignment on the ground lease to a gas station and convenience store located in Suffolk County Long Island. The sponsor is using funds to complete a remodel of the convenience store as well as improve the layout of the gas station to enhance traffic flow to customers.  


$1,250,000 Second Mortgage - New York, NY

Bridge Funding loaned $1,250,000 secured by a second mortgage on a loft apartment well-located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York. The sponsor, a successful businessman, owns the apartment for investment purposes. Loan proceeds were used to pursue additional investment opportunities. 


$2,650,000 Construction Financing - Old Westbury, New York

Bridge Funding provided $2,650,000 to finance the ground-up construction of a 6,000 square foot luxury home on a 2-acre, beautifully wooded lot in a prestigious subdivision in Old Westbury, NY.  The borrower was a repeat customer of Bridge Funding. 


$2,100,000 Senior Mortgage - Queens, New York

Bridge Funding provided $2,100,000 of acquisition financing for a tenant to exercise its right of first refusal to acquire the building it’s been occupying for over 25 years.  A competing business owner sought to acquire the building which would have ultimately resulted in putting Bridge Funding’s client out of business.  Bridge Funding acted quickly and closed this transaction within two weeks of having a signed term sheet.


$27,300,000 First Mortgage - New York, New York

Sitting on the corner of First Avenue and 52nd Street, the building is controlled by a fourth generation member of a prominent New York City-based real estate firm. The building is consistently fully occupied. The ground lease dates to the 1950’s and has more than 40 years remaining on the term.


$3,800,000 Senior Mortgage - New York, New York

Bridge Funding refinanced an existing senior mortgage loan and provided additional funds to be used to pay default interest and penalties that had accrued because of tenant rent disputes caused by a neighboring construction project.  The bridge financing gave the borrower additional time to fix up the building and to prepare the property for eventual sale.


$2,500,000 Second Mortgage and Senior Leasehold Mortgage – New York, New York

Bridge Funding provided $2,500,000 to this borrower to buy out partners, provide funds for renovations and for working capital. The short-term loan will be paid off upon a conventional refinance on a portion of the collateral.


$1,800,000 Construction Financing - Nassau County, New York

Bridge Funding provided $1,800,000 to finance the renovation and expansion of a waterfront restaurant.  The borrower was a repeat customer of Bridge Funding. The restaurant’s existing operations and past performance by the sponsorship enabled bridge to finance 100% of the borrower’s costs.


$1,600,000 Discounted Note Acquisition - Various Locations, New York and Massachusetts

Bridge Funding acquired a portfolio of non-performing mortgages that were originated by a publicly traded commercial finance company. Bridge Funding’s strategy is to restructure the loans whenever possible or pursue foreclosure in order to collect on monies due.


$2,500,000 Third Mortgage - The Hamptons, Suffolk County, New York

Bridge Funding provided $2,500,000 secured by a third mortgage on a 30+ acre parcel of waterfront property in the Hamptons in Suffolk County, NY. The borrower applied the loan proceeds to accounts payable and for working capital in his custom woodworking business.


$500,000 Senior Mortgage - Jersey City, New Jersey

Bridge Funding loaned $500,000 to finance the acquisition of a warehouse building at a foreclosure sale. The borrower used the property for his wholesale fruit and vegetable business.


$3,000,000 Second Mortgage - New York and Suffolk County, New York

Bridge Funding provided $3,000,000 secured by second mortgages on two properties that the borrower was marketing for sale.  The loan proceeds were reinvested in the owner’s related business and will be repaid out of sales proceeds at the time the properties are sold.


$2,350,000 Second Mortgage - Westchester County, New York

Bridge Funding provided $2,350,000 to refinance an existing second mortgage loan and give the owner additional funds for property improvements. The existing senior mortgage is locked out from prepayment and the bridge financing enabled the borrower to unlock some of his embedded equity.


$1,050,000 Senior Mortgage Refinance and Renovation Facility – Long Island, NY

Bridge Funding provided proceeds to refinance a maturing senior loan and fund renovation of a diner located in Suffolk County.


$3,500,000 Debtor in Posession Financing - Long Island, NY

Bridge Funding provided $3,5000,000 to the owner / developer of an 11 acre parcel located in an affluent Nassau County community. The developer used the loan proceeds to complete entitlements and pre-development for a 70+ unit town-home project. The borrower was in bankruptcy and the bridge loan was approved by the court to prime the existing first mortgage loan.